Maasi. KrishnaMurthy M.A.B.L.M.B.A 

Adhyathmika Kshethram

About Us

At all birth is the human birth is the best. It enables one to attain salvation. There are many ways of attaining salvation in this birth as human beings. Of them the best way is that offering food freely to the poor and the needy. Food is parabrahmana, God is poor man’s savior. He is manifest among the poor, it is only by giving food freely to the poor and the miserable that one can obtain the mercy and blessings of God. We are feeding daily 200 members poor people.We running Orphanage and Old Age Home at adhyathmika kshethram.Adhyathmika Kshethram's governing body is here


Honourary President:Mr.D.SARVESHWARA REDDY (President)


Secretary: Maasi. Krishna Murthy M.A.B.L.M.B.A
               Advocate, Correspondent of Dr.P.M.R.I.T.C.Tirupati

Treasurer: Sri.K.ParthaSarathi Naidu B,A,B,L Advocate

    Organaizing Committe :

  • Smt.K.Mamatha Bsc, LLB Advocate

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“Gajaturaga Shasram Gokulam Kotidhanam-Kanakarajita Patram Medhinee Sagarantham Vubhayakula Visuddham Koti Kanya Pradanam-Nahi nahi Bahudhanam Annadhanam Samanam”