Maasi. KrishnaMurthy M.A.B.L.M.B.A 

Adhyathmika Kshethram

Old Age Home

It is a well known fact that the modern times have brought in numerous and austounding changes in the society and people due to aping the Western Culture, which resulted in hurling the aged into deep sea, inaugurating a series of unaccountable miseries. The glamour and glitter of modern culture scrapped off the yugas old divine traditions of joint family. The youth, the Product of new ages are shamelessly uttering and practicing their half-boiled theory “We two and we have two”, and as such the good old guideless parents are facing unbearable tortures; chanting “Come o death soon”.


Among the pathetic lot, there are many who amassed wealth for the bright and sweet future of their progeny; some having spent their vibrant youth in saving for their family, but now are tattering bipeds; the secretary, selfless humanist, the high souled and all compassionate Sri Krishna Ammapurneswari Vriddasramam has decided to lend a helping hand by providing food, shelter and mental peace to the best satisfaction of inmates in the newly constructed three storied building.


To wards the fulfillment of this highly laudable venture, the highly revered selfless philanthropist Sri S.Satyanarayana, K.Partha Sarathy, Advocates and Secretary along with his generous minded members are making a humble request to the public to extend whole hearted support by donating their mite liberally and satisfactorily, which perpetuates the glorious memory of both the data and grahita.

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